Support Service in Decoration and Repair Works

We offer Support Service in Decoration and Repair Works.

After purchasing your home or workplace, we, as Diamond Property, provide support for the repair and renovation works and then completing the interior decoration with new furniture and curtains.

What is Repair and Repair Support Service?

Many problems such as finding the right master in a city where you are foreign, checking whether the master is doing his job properly, worrying that he has paid me too much, etc. will be eliminated for you. Our professional sales consultants make your repairs and renovations you need by our masters with the quality products you want.

What is Decoration, Furniture, Curtain Support Service?

Our professional sales consultants help you with your Furniture and Curtain needs after repair. We direct you to the right stores to find furniture and curtains according to your budget, needs and taste.

We help you get quality products at affordable prices. Your new home arouses new excitement. Our consultants and furniture curtain stores will help you design a home as you dream according to your taste.


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