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Alanya is located in the Mediterranean Region. Located on the east side of Antalya, the district is one of the districts where tourism is prominent. It is located between the blue and clear sea of ​​the Mediterranean and the Taurus Mountains.

Alanya is adjacent to other districts of Antalya, Manavgat, Gazipaşa and Gündoğmuş. Since it is located in the east of Antalya city, it is the border between Konya and Karaman. Therefore, the district is located in an important place among the highways used during the transition to other cities.


Alanya population is 312,319 people according to 2018 data. The district, which has a surface area of ​​1.598 km²; It has a total of 16 towns and 67 villages.

The population density of the district is concentrated in the Mahmutlar region with 39,896 people. Yasirali is the district with the least population of Alanya district.

Since 2007, the population of Alanya district has been increasing steadily and the interest in the district is gradually growing. Housing sales prices have increased by 63% in the last 3 years, especially thanks to the sale of real estate to foreigners.

Alanya Real Estate Market

Alanya is a tourism district that holds an important place in the Mediterranean region with its 70 km coastline. The demand for the district with a literacy rate of 99% is increasing day by day. In addition to the domestic demand that wants to escape from the crowd and noise of the city, there is a serious demand for housing by foreigners.

Based on the foreign demand for housing in the Kargıcak region, luxury residences in international styles have been built recently. . Especially, it is the most preferred residential area for foreign tourists who want to settle down by vacationing in Alanya.

Mahmutlar region is another most crowded and preferred area of ​​the district. There is a very active real estate market due to investors who want to profit in the long term and local and foreign tourists who buy summer vacation homes.

Real Estate Sales to Foreigners

The real estate market in Turkey compared to the previous year, although sales of housing in the stationary position against foreigners has exceeded the limit of 40,000 in 2018. It has benefited from this increase in Alanya, which is a tourism district.

Alanya is one of the districts where the highest number of housing sales are made to foreigners in Antalya. Foreigners who buy the most housing from Alanya are citizens of the Russian Federation, and German citizens are in the second place.

Get real estate appraisal service to be sure of the legal status or price of real estates such as land, office, residence and hotel in Alanya.

Our country has made an attack on tourism for the last two years. Alanya, nurtured and brought to life by tourism, will continue to develop in parallel with tourism going well. Due to the intense demand for real estate in Alanya from different countries and provinces, the demand for real estate appraisal services by foreigners who do not have a command of the Alanya real estate market is gradually increasing.

Real Estate Valuation Alanya

According to 2018 data, the second hand house sales in Alanya is 8,989. Second-hand housing figures, which are close to the first-hand housing sales figures, show how active the market is. In Alanya scale  TUIK  (Turkey Statistics Institute) data, when analyzed in the towns and neighborhoods Alanya total housing sales in 2018 was recorded as 12 442 pieces. Most of the 1,160 sales, which make up the mortgaged sales part of this number, consist of mortgaged sales made as a result of loans given by banks to their customers. Banks receive valuation services by a licensed real estate expert before sales in order to measure their financial risks for the real estates they lend to. As a result, approximately 11% of total housing sales in Alanya  housing – home valuation was made by taking the service. However, most of the remaining 89% of the house sales were realized without obtaining a house-house valuation service, that is, without examining the legal status and open to risks.

If you have decided to buy a real estate in Alanya, you can get an appraisal report from our CMB licensed experts to prevent future rights and financial losses  .


The most common types of real estate appraisal (appraisal) in Alanya according to the nature:

  • Hotel, motel, holiday village and touristic facility valuation (expertise) services
  • Housing (apartment, villa) valuation (expertise) services
  • Zoned land, non-zoned land (field, garden) valuation (expertise)
  • Collateral valuation services
  • Commercial building (plaza, business center, shopping center) valuation (expertise) services
  • Appraisal services for urban transformation
  • Commercial workplace (shop, office, store) valuation (expertise) services
  • Construction level detection, progress valuation (expertise) services
  • Project valuation and feasibility studies services
  • Gas station (fuel station) valuation (expertise) services